Encounter with Superb Wine
A Wonderful Surprise for You

At “ le 6eme sens d'OENON ”, you can enjoy “ un bon mariage ” of wine and French cuisine with a choice of three different spaces -- café, bar or restaurant -- in accordance to your mood. We have chosen the name “ the sixth sense ” in confident expectation that you will enjoy a wonderful gastronomic experience beyond your five senses. The sixth sense will be put on the plate by Dominique Corby, a maestro of French cuisine. He arranges the classics of modern French cuisine in a unique and sophisticated manner, and adds a subtle playful touch. His dishes bring you not only "deliciousness", but also excitement. This is the special magic of Dominique Corby. We, furthermore, stock more than 500 varieties of wine to highlight these exciting dishes, so ask our sommelier for the perfect match for your dish that will allow you to experience the interplay of a splendid ensemble on your palate. In addition to the menu, we have prepared the ideal tableware and glasses to complement the special atmosphere for each of the three distinct spaces, café, bar and restaurant. Feel free to choose the one that suits you best, and enjoy the wonderful world of French cuisine and wine to your heart's content.

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